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Welcome to our website. This website is a mutual initiative between bvba Ecodal and cvba Kestemont. Cvba Kestemont is an horticulural business that has been producing organic fruits and vegetables since 1982. Ecodal is the company that attends to the marketization of the production of cvba Kestemont in addition to selling a part of the production from several domestic and foreign organic producers.

The horticultural business was founded in 1982 as one of the pioneers in organic cultivation in Flanders. Francis Kestemont started at the time on a very small scale. In 1986 his brother Eddy joined the company and in 2010 his son Lias. It is therefore a real family business.

The largest part of the company is located on the fertile land of ‘Pajottenland’, more accurately in Gaasbeek, Lennik and Sint-Martens-Lennik. This sandy loam soil is ideal for the production of flavorful fruits and vegetables. This region has always been the storehouse for the nearby city of Brussels.

In addition, most of the greenhouses are located close to Mechelen (OLV-Waver and Peulis). The lighter, more sandy soils there are particularly suitable for the cultivation of early vegetables and tomatoes.